Steve Sarkowsky - Drummer:

Steve’s a native of Seattle. Founder of the award-winning Highway 99 Blues Club in Seattle and recipient of the prestigious “Keeping the Blues Alive Award” from the International Blues Foundation. Graduate of University of Washington, member of University of Washington jazz workshop band and veteran of local music scene for many years. Has toured throughout the region with country, blues, classic rock and pop folk bands. Two-time nominee for best blues drummer from the Washington blues society. Member of bands nominated for best new band, best band and winner of best blues band with the Robbie Laws Bigger Blues Band of which Steve was the founder. Has worked with many area bands. Played Bumbershoot, Waterfront Blues Festival in Portland and other fairs and festivals.

Tommy Wall – Bass/Vocals:

Tommy grew up in the burbs of Boston on a steady diet of British and American Rock, and quickly made a name for himself playing the scene in local bands in his formative years. Tommy moved to the greater Seattle area in the early 80’s where he started developing his song writing skills getting air play in local stations including KZOK. Not willing to stand still for long, Tommy ventured out on the road playing nationally in the “A” circuit from Alaska to Vegas and across the mid-west during the 80’s. For the past 15 years has worked the NW music scene in various bands playing Blues, Rock, Roots and Zydeco, and has been the host of the award winning “Raging River Sunday Night Blues Jam” for over a decade. Wall delivers gritty laid back vocals and versatile bass style that make for a groove filled and driving rhythm section.

Randy Norris – Guitar/Vocals:

Randy Norris has spent much of his life guitar slingin' on the road, blending soul, rock, New Orleans rhythm and delta blues with dynamic vocals and living by the credo: "If there's no feeling, you're just wasting your breath" He is a former member of The Boxtops, Jack Mack and the Heart Attack and "The Wolf" (with former members of Steppenwolf).

Marc Lagen – Guitar/Vocals:

Marc Lagen has been playing a Soul, Blues and R&B influenced style dating back to the 1960’s. Currently celebrating 21 years with the Big Dog Revue as well as newer projects like Big Road Blues, Sheri Roberts-Greimes and various recording / performing projects, Marc has a 52 year history of guitar, pedal steel, bass and singing/songwriting in varied musical genre’s and has been involved in a multitude of studio and performing projects nationwide. 

Jeff Conlin – Keys: 

Jeff is from just east of Washington DC, self taught, and started playing in gospel and ska bands in high school. Blues jams led to a long residency with the late, great soul guru Jesse James Johnson, followed by touring with IBC finalists The Westcott Brothers and Clarence "The Bluesman" Turner, sitting in with the likes of Kenny Neal, Bo Diddley, and The Funky Meters, and session work with rock, country, reggae, gospel, and blues bands up and down the east coast. Moving to Seattle in 2007, Jeff was a founder of instrumental soul combo The Satellite 4, and continues to sit in with a variety of blues and soul bands in "both" Washingtons whenever possible.


Angelo Guerrero – Sax:

Angelo comes by his love and talent for music naturally. With musical abilities and appreciation from both his mother and father, he was bound to end up on the stage. Growing up in a small town in Idaho, he had the opportunity to play many types of music with local and traveling musicians. From jazz band at school to Tejano music with his father and uncles, there was always a stage available. Moving to the Seattle area in 1995 Angelo was a founding member of DoctorFunk. Variety in music is what drives him now. He is currently playing with multiple bands. Whether it be blues, rock, soul or 80s new wave, he can be found enjoying his time on stage.