Doug Kearney

Born and raised in the heart of Louisiana, Doug picked up his first guitar at the tender age of 10 and by 16 he was playing his first gigs. At 18 he began working in bars, traveling the crawfish circuit, and doing concerts and festivals throughout Louisiana and Texas. Emersed in southern blues, jazz, country, texas swing, and swamp music Kearney began to develop his own unique style. With influences from Duane Allman and Lowell George he started writing and developed a true passion for slide guitar. After working in the South for 13 years, Doug moved to the Pacific Northwest in 1986. Working the greater Seattle club scene afforded him the musical freedom to explore various creative avenues. This is where his desire for writing original material blossomed. ...

Tommy Wall

Growing up in the burbs of Boston on a steady diet of British Rock, Springsteen, Allman Bros and Prog Rock, Tommy picked up the guitar at an early age playing in some of the local bands.  One day while at a band rehearsal their bass player didn’t show… Wall picked up the absent bass player’s bass and that was it! Wall traded all his guitar gear in for bass gear and the gigs started flowing in.  Tommy moved to the greater Seattle area in the early 80’s where he started developing his song writing skills and got some air play on KZOK. Not long after that he ventured out on the road playing nationally with some Top 40 / Rock cover bands playing the “A” circuit from Alaska to Vegas and across the mid-west.  The past twelve years Wall has worked the NW blues circuit in various bands and has been the host of the award winning “Raging River Sunday Night Blues Jam” for the past 8 years. 

Woody Robinson

Growing up in the Cascade Mountains of the great northwest Woody learned how to bang on drums, shoot flaming arrows and use smoke signals at an early age as his preferred way of communication.  Woody has lived on a diet of Motown, Soul and New Orleans music most of his life and brings his soul to the Charlatones line up. While in the Emerald City Throwdown band Robinson "played that funky music" but "didn't die"... in fact he scored a gig with Randy Norris and the Full Degree in which he's been playing for the past 10 years. Woody's rhythm and singing chops brings that extra element of groove and soul to the Charlatones. Still to this day his band mates have to fire up the smoke signal machine to let Woody know when the next gig is scheduled.